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ABV以体积计算的酒精度Alcohol By  Volume
ACL应用的陶制标签Applied Ceramic Label
AEL允许的误差范围Allowed Error Limit
AME相关成员资格考试Associated Membership  Examination
AQL合格质量等级Acceptable Quality  Level
ARP酒液回收车间Alcohol Recovery  Plant
ASAP尽快As Soon As Possible
ASBC美国酿造化学家学会American Society of  Brewing Chemists
ASR地区状况报告 (由工作组组长做的每周进展报告)Area Status Report  (weekly progress report made by workstream leader)
ATP三磷酸腺苷Adenosine  TriPhosphate
BAPS酿造分析师能力Brewing Analytes  Proficiency Scheme
BB此前最佳Best Before
BBD此日期前最佳Best Before Date
BBE此结束期前最佳Best Before End
BBP预算及业务表现Budget & Business  Performance
BBPA英国啤酒和酒吧协会 (也可以缩写为BLRA)British Beer and Pubs  Associations (also referred to as BLRA)
BBT清酒罐Bright Beer Tank
BDP最佳展示实践(=已有最佳)Best Demonstrated  Practice (=Best in Place)
BMPP酿造原材料产品及流程Brewing Materials  Products & Processes
BOE欧洲酿酒厂Brewers of Europe
BOM原料单Bill of Materials
BOP酒厂运营Brewery OPeration
BP最佳实践Best Practice
BP牛皮纸(故事板)Brown Paper
BPM最佳实践手册Best Practice Manual
BPST基础性问题解决工具Basic Problem Solving  Tools
BR业务回顾 (分析阶段的其他工作)Business Review  (other work for Analysis phase)
BRC英国零售业协会British Retail  Consortium
BRI酿酒厂零售公司或国际酿造研究Brewers Retail Inc. or Brewing Research International
BS酒厂支持Brewery Support
CAGR复合年度增长率Compounded Annual  Growth Rate
CAMS改变评估管理系统Change Assesment  Management System
Capex固定资产投资Capital expenditure
CAQ胜任度评估调查问卷Competency Assessment  Questionnaire
CBA当前最佳方法Current Best Approach
CBM设备状况监控Condition Based  Monitoring
CBP机密性酿造流程或当前的最佳实践Confidential Brewing  Procedure or Current Best  Practice
CCO首席商务官Chief Commerial  Officer
CCP关键控制点(HACCP的一部分)Critical Control  Point (part of HACCP)
CCT发酵罐(圆锥形)Cylindro Conical Tank
CDI消费者驱动的创新Consumer Driven  Innovation
CE中欧Central Europe
CEO首席执行官Chief Executive  Officer
CFU菌落形成单位Colony Forming Units
CI 控制项目Control Items
CIL清洁检查润滑Clean Inspect and  Lubrication
CIP原位清洗Cleaning In Place
CL关键限值(HACCP的一部分)或中心实验室Critical Limit (part  of HACCP) or Central Lab
CM修复性维护Corrective  Maintenance
CM危机管理Crisis Management
CMMS计算机化的维护管理系统Computerized  Maintenance Management System
CMT危机管理团队Crisis Management  Team
CND消费者驱动CoNsumer Driven
COB业务结束Close Of Business
COE卓越中心Center Of Excellence
COGS售出商品成本Cost Of Goods Sold
COO首席运营官Chief Operating  Officer
COSHH危害健康物质控制Control Of Substances  Hazardous to Health
CPD产能驱动的CaPacity Driven
CPFR合作性规划、预测和补充Collaborative  Planning Forecasting and Replenishment
CRM客户关系管理Customer Relationship  Management
CSC营销策略委员会Commercial Strategy  Committee
CSD碳酸软饮料或成本驱动Carbonated Soft Drink  or CoSt Driven
CTC周期时间压缩Cycle Time  Compression
CTO首席技术官Chief Technical  Officer
CTU涂料厚度单位Coating Thickness  Unit
CWS合作性工作间Collaborative Work  Space(s)
DADA数据  - 分析 - 决定 - 行动 (BPST的基础原则)Data - Analysis -  Decision - Action (Principle behind BPST)
DBP副产品灭菌Disinfection  By-Product
DCF折旧后的现金流Depreciated Cash Flow
DILO一日行踪Day In the Life Of
DMAIC定义、测量、分析、改进、控制Define, Measure,  Analyze, Improve, Control
DO溶解氧Dissolved Oxygen
DOE实验设计Design Of Experiments
DS数据管理员Data Steward
DRP配送资源规划Distribution  Resources Planning
DWOR每日每周运营报告Daily Weekly  Operating Report
EB试验性酒厂Experimental Brewery
EBC欧洲酒类企业协会标准测量光程(颜色标度)European Brewery  Convention
EBI企业业务激励措施或空瓶检测机Enterprise Business  Initiative or  Empty Bottle Inspector
EBIT息税前利润Earnings Before  Interest and Tax
EBITDA息税折旧前利润Earnings Before  Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization
EBM管理执行委员会Executive Board of  Management
EC欧盟委员会European Commission
ECR有效客户应答Efficient Consumer  Response
EFK电子灭蝇器Electronic Fly Killer
EHS环境、健康和安全Environmental, Health  and Safety
EIGA欧洲工业气体协会European Industrial  Gases Association
EIT效率改进工具Efficiency  Improvement Tool
EPT有效生产时间Effective Production  Time
ER设备范围Equipment Range
ERP企业资源计划(系统)Enterprise Resource  Planning
ES环境及安全Environment &  Safety
EU欧盟European Union
FAB经调味的酒精饮料Flavored Alcoholic  Beverage
FBI满瓶(或成品)检测机Full (or Finished)  Bottle Inspector
FCC食品化学药典Food Chemical Codex
FEMA饲料可靠性原料认证体系Feed Assurance  Material Accreditation Scheme
FIC固定生产成本Fixed Industrial Cost
FIFO先进先出First-In First-Out
FLM一线维护 / 管理Front Line  Maintenance / Management
FLT叉车Fork Lift Truck
FMCG快速消费品Fast Moving Consumer  Goods
FMEA故障模式及影响分析Failure Modes and  Effects Analysis
FMECA故障模式影响及危险程度分析Failure Mode Effect  & Criticality Analysis
FOB离岸价格Freight On Board
FSPAP食品安全及产品审查计划Food Safety &  Product Audit Plan
FTE约当全职数Full Time Equivalent
FV发酵罐Fermentation Vessel
FYI供您参考For Your Information
GB&LP全球品牌&特许产品Global Brands &  Licensed Products
GHQ全球总部Global Head Quarters
GIC全球创新委员会Global Innovation  Committee
GID全球创新及开发Global Innovation  & Development
GLAPM 全球领导力及绩效管理Global Leadership and  Performance Management
GLY包装线毛生产率Gross Line Yield
GMO转基因生物Genetically Modified  Organism
GMP 良好生产规范Good Manufacturing  Practices
GOP良好实践经验Good Operating  Practices
GPI全球产品完整性Global Product  Integrity
GPMSA全球人力管理和供应领域Global People  Management and Supply Area
GTS通用技术条件General Technical  Specifications
H&S健康和安全Health & Safety
HACCP危害分析关键控制点Hazard Analysis  Critical Control Points
HDPE高密度聚乙烯High Density  Polyethylene
HFCS高果糖玉米糖浆High Fructose Corn  Syrup
HG高浓High Gravity
HMCS高麦芽糖玉米糖浆High Maltose Corn  Syrup
HPWG高压水乙二醇液压油High Pressure Water  Glycol Hydraulic Fluid
HR人力资源Human Resource 
HTL传热标签Heat Transfer Label
IAAT异乙酸戊酯Iso Amyl Acetate
IAS国际会计准则International  Accounting System
IBD酿造及蒸馏研究所Institute of Brewing  and Distilling
IFS国际食品标准International Food  Standard
IP实施进展Implementation  Progress
IP创新产品或知识产权Innovative Products or   Intellectual Property 
IPE个人防护装备(也参见PPE)Individual Protection  Equipment (see also PPE)
IRR国际回报率International Rate of  Return
IS系统整合Integrated Systems
IS实施状况Implementation Status
ISBT国际饮料技术家协会International Society  of Beverage Technologists
ISO国际标准化组织International  Standards Organization
ISRS国际安全评分系统International Safety  Rating System
IT信息技术Information  Technology
ITF改进专责小组Improvement Task  Force
JHSC健康及安全联合委员会Joint Health and  Safety Committee
JIT准时/及时Just In Time
JOHS职业健康和安全委员会Joint Occupational  Health and Safety
JMI联合管理的存货Jointly Managed  Inventory
KIM知识信息管理Knowledge Information  Management
KM知识管理Knowledge Management
KPI关键绩效指标Key Performance  Indicator
LA低酒精度Low Alcohol
Labox实验室溶氧Laboratory Oxygen
LDA合法饮酒年龄Legal Drinking Age
LDPE低密度聚乙烯Low Density  Polyethylene
LE最新估值Latest Estimate
LEF线效率Line Efficiency
LGC国家化学家实验室Laboratory of the  Government Chemist
LIMS实验室信息管理系统Laboratory  Information Management System
LLDPE线性低密度聚乙烯Linear Low Density  Polyethylene
LRP长期规划Long Range Plan
LSD最小显著差数Least Significant  Difference
LTA损失工时的事故Lost Time Accident
M&A兼并与收购Mergers &  Acquisitions
MAGB英国麦芽经销商协会Maltsters Association  of Great Britain
ManCom管理委员会Management Committee
MAPC麦芽和辅料政策委员会Malt and Adjunct  Policy Committee
MCRS管理控制报告系统Management Control  and Reporting System
MECE相互排斥而又集体穷尽Mutually Exlusive and  Collectively Exhaustive
MEX卓越维护Maintenance  Excellence
MRO日常维护保养和大修材料Maintenance Repair  and Overhaul material
MRP制造资源规划Manufacturing  Resources Planning
MSDS物质安全数据表Material Safety Data  Sheet
MTBCF常见故障平均间隔时间Mean Time Between  Common Failure
MTBF故障平均间隔时间Mean Time Between  Failure
MTS熟练技术规范Master Technical  Specification
MTTR平均维修时间Mean Time To Repair
MV陈酿容器(成熟罐)Maturation Vessel
NA不适用的或不含酒精的或北美Not Applicable or Non  Alcoholic or North America
NCB新的总部办公楼New Corporate  Building
NCP不合格产品Non Conforming  Product
NNS净净销售额Net Net Sales
NNPB小口压吹技术Narrow Neck Press  & Blow
NPD新产品开发New Product  Development
NPV净现值Net Present Value
NRB不可回收瓶或一次性瓶Non Returnable Bottle  or One Way Bottle
NTB新的技术楼New Technical  Building
NVA无价值增值Not Value Added
OAE整体资产效能Overall Asset  Effectiveness
OEE设备综合效能Overall Equipment  Effectiveness
OEM原始设备制造商Original Equipment  Manufacturer
OFD缺陷提高机会Opportunity For  Defects
OK/NOK认可/不认可品评(一般为直线品评)Okay / Not Okay  Tasting (usually tasting line-up)
OMC运营管理委员会Operating Management  Committee
ONTOP在线技术操作Online Technical  Operations
OOS超标Out Of Specification
OPL单点课程one point lesson
OPR他人的资源Other People’s  Resource
OPS 操作OPerationS
OWB一次性瓶或不可回收瓶One Way Bottle or Non  Returnable Bottle
OWD操作性工作诊断Operational Work  Diagnosis
P&L利润表(损益表)Profit & Loss
P&SED包装及销售设备开发Packaging and Sales  Equipment Development
PA公共事务Public Affairs
PAMS项目活动管理系统Project Activities  & Management System
PCC流程控制下达Process Control  Cascade
PCO只能塑料封口Plastic Closure Only
PCRF包装改变申请单Packaging Change  Request Form
PD包装开发Packaging Development
PDCA计划  - 执行 - 检查 - 行动Plan - Do - Check -  Act
PDI包装指数Packaging Department  Index
PdM预防性维护Predictive  Maintenance
PFD工艺流程图或工厂数据Process Flow Diagram  or Plant Floor Data
PI产品完整性Product Integrity
PIP预异构化颗粒酒花Pre-Isomerised  Pellets
PM计划性维护Planned Maintenance
PM项目经理Project Manager
PM预防性维护Preventive  Maintenance
PMI兼并后的整合Post Merger  Integration
PMO项目管理办公室Project Management  Office
PMP体系管理流程Program Management  Process
PMPP包装原材料、产品及流程Packaging Materials,  Products & Process
PMR预防性维护常规Preventive  Maintenance Routine
Poka-Yoke预防差错Error Proofing
POS售点Point Of Sales
POV观点Point Of View
PPE个人防护装备(同时参见IPE)Personal Protection  Equipment (see also IPE)
PPM计划设定与绩效管理Planning and  Performance Management
PQCM工厂质量一致性经理Plant Quality  Compliance Manager
PR公共关系或新闻稿Public Relations or Press Release
PRO进行试验后Post Run Off
PRT产品回收小组Product Recovery Team
PSI生产销售和存货Production Sales and  Inventory
PS(L)压力敏感性的(标签)Pressure Sensitive  (Label)
PT工艺允差Process Tolerance
PT能力验证 (环测)Proficiency Testing  (Ring Analyses)
PTS产品技术规格Product Technical  Specifications
PU巴式杀菌单位Pasteurisation Units
PUCA包装升级概念正式批准Packaging Upcharge  Concept Approval
PVE产品价值工程Product Value  Engineering
PYC纯酵母培养Pure Yeast Culture
QA质量保证Quality Assurance
QC质量控制Quality Control
QCA质量一致性保证Quality Complience  Assurance
QEHS质量、环境、健康及安全Quality, Environment  and Health & Safety
QFD质量功能展开Quality Function  Deployment
QI质量改进Quality Improvement
QLD质量驱动的QuaLity Driven
QMS质量管理系统Quality Management  System
QPC质量流程检查Quality Process Check
QT质量技术Quality Technical
R&R岗位和职责Roles and  Responsibilities
RACI职责人、责任人、被咨询人、被通知人Responsible,  Accountable, Consulted, Informed
RBM基于风险的维护Risk Based  Maintenance
RCA根本原因分析Root Cause Analysis
RCI释放控制项目Release Control Item
RCM设备可靠性管理Reliability Centered  Maintenance
REM 资源经理Resource Manager
RFA批准申请Request For Approval
RFM修改申请Request For  Modification
RFP提议申请Request For Proposal
RIA投资批准申请Request on Investment  Approval
RIC地区创新委员会Regional Innovation  Committee
ROA资产回报率Return On Asset
ROI投资回报率Return On Investment
ROPR开展盗窃防护Roll On Pilfer  Resistant
RR滚石Rolling Rock
RT油罐车Road Tanker
S&OP销售和运营计划Sales &  Operations Planning
SA(L)自粘贴(标签) Self-Adhesive  (Label) 
SAB 南非啤酒公司South African  Breweries
SAP标准应用平台Standard Application  Platform
SAT供应商仲裁小组Supplier Arbitration  Team
SCABA自动化啤酒分析器Automated Beer  Analyser
SCADA数据采集与监视控制Supervisory Control  And Data Acquisition
SDCA标准化-执行-检查-行动Standardise Do Check  Act
SCC服务呼叫中心Service Call Center
SCCO供应链核心管理费用Supply Chain Central  Overheads
SCFD供应链财务数据Supply Chain  Financial Data
SCI二级控制项目Secondary Control  Item
SCM供应链管理Supply Chain  Management
SGC阶段-关卡委员会Stage Gate Committee
Shainin质量控制和流程改进相关技术清单,例如,实验设计List of techniques  within quality control and process improvement, e.g. DOE
SHO交接班Shift Handover
SIC短间隔监控Short Interval  Control
SIC短间隔监控Short Interval  Control
SIN社会保险号码Social Insurance  Number
SIS系统安装状态System Installation  Status
SKU最小存货单元Stock Keeping Unit
SLA服务水平协议Service Level  Agreement
SMART关键绩效指标特征:具体的、可测量的、可完成的、现实的、有时限的KPI Characteristics:  Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Realistic, Time framed
SMC战略管理委员会Strategic Management  Committee
SME专题专家Subject Matter  Experts
SMED1分钟快速换模Single Minute  Exchange of Die
SoFB精酿学院School of Fine  Brewing
SOP标准操作规程Standard Operating  Procedure
SOPE销售及运营规划执行人员Sales and Operations  Planning Executive
SP战略性规划Strategic Plan
SP取样计划Sampling Plan
SPC统计流程控制Statistical Process  Control
SPM高级项目经理Senior Project  Manager
SPOC单点联系Single Point Of  Contact
SQA供应商质量保证Supplier Quality  Assurance
SQR感官品评质量等级Sensory Quality  Rating
SSC共享服务中心Shared Services  Center
STD科学技术开发Science Technology  Development
STOP安全培训及观测体系Safety Training and  Observation Program
TA技术应用Technology  Applications
TBA有待宣布To Be Announced
TBC有待确认To Be Confirmed
TBD有待定义/决定To Be  Defined/Determined 
TC技术一致性Technical Compliance
TCM维护总成本Total Cost of  Maintenance
TD技术开发或双乙酰总量Technology  Development or Total Diacetyl
TDI技术驱动的创新Technology Driven  Innovation
TFB上面发酵法啤酒Top Fermented Beer
TFS非镀锡铁板Tin Free Steel
THM三卤甲烷(例如,氯仿)Tri-halo methane (eg  chloroform)
TOR会议要求Terms of Reference
TPM全员生产维护Total Productive  Maintenance
TPNW支付薪酬但未工作的工时数Time Paid Not Worked
TPO 包装总氧Total Packaged Oxygen
TPS镀锡铁板Tin Plated Steel
TQT所有质量工具Total Quality Tools
TRIZ创新性问题解决理论Theory of Inventive  Problem Solving
TS技术服务Technical Services
TSRF技术服务申请表Technical Service  Request Form
TTC技术审美检查Technical Taste Check
TTT标准风味度量单位True To Type
TVDK邻二酮总量Total Vicinal  Diketones
TVS品酒师确认计划Taster Validation  Scheme
UPP维持生产潜力Upholding Production  Potential
VA价值增值Value Add
VBS航海者项目业务解决方案Voyager Business  Solutions
VC视频会议Video Conference
VE价值工程Value Engineering
VIC变动生产成本Variable Industrial  Costs
VLB柏林啤酒试验和教育研究院(在柏林)Versuchs- und  Lehranstalt für Brauerei (in Berlin)
VMI卖方管理的存货Vendor Managed  Inventory
VOC挥发性有机物组分Volatile Organic  Component
VP副总裁Vice President
VLO工厂物流最优化管理Voyager Logistics  Optimisation
VPO工厂最优化管理Voyager Plant  Optimisation
WACC加权平均资本成本Weighted Average Cost  of Capital
WCB劳工赔偿局Workers Compensation  Board
WCM世界级制造World Class  Manufacturing
WEPP世界级卓越绩效体系World Excellence  Performance Program
- RAT结果评估工具Results Assessment  Tool
- VSA经过确认的自我评估(例如,经过确认的自我评估2,4)Validated Self  Assessment (eg VSA2, VSA 4)
- SAT自我评估工具Self Assessment Tool
- ZL区域物流Zone Logistics
- ZP区域人事Zone People
- ZMT区域管理团队Zone Management Team
- ZMPPO区域管理Pillar所有者Zone Management  Pillar Owners
- ZSC区域供应链Zone Supply Chain
WCS世界级采购World Class Sourcing
WHMIS工作场所危险物品信息系统Workplace Hazardous  Materials Information System 
WHO世界卫生组织World Health  Organisation
WIP工作进展gWork in Progress
WMS仓库管理系统Warehouse Management  System
WPO世界包装组织World Packaging  Organization
YA年轻的成年人Young Adult
YG应届毕业生Young Graduates
ZBO区域酒厂运营Zone Brewery Operations
ZEPP区域卓越绩效体系Zone Excellence Performance Program
L&D学习和发展Learning and Development
ROP再补给点Re-order Point
ROQ最低订货量Re-order Quantity
SWI标准工作说明书Standard Work Instruction
MSI重要维修项目Maintenance Significant Item



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